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Coffee Farm Tour from Bogota

Coffee Farm Tour with Coffee Grower from Bogota

Looking for an authentic coffee farm tour from Bogota? Get your coffee-lover buds dancing, cause we have the perfect private tour for you! 


Discover the secrets of Colombian coffee and all the steps that lead to the perfect cup. All by the hand of the true experts, Colombian coffee growers, who will take you into their coffee plantation and make you part of their daily activities. There are three pillars to achieve the perfect cup: All the process that takes place in the coffee farm, the roasting and the preparation. Get ready to experience all of them in this private coffee farm tour from Bogota!

7 hours
Private Coffee Farm Tour from Bogota
Monday to Sunday
Surroundings Tour from Bogota
English or Spanish
Coffee & Nature Tour
Including: Private coffee farm tour from Bogota, Private guide, Guided tour at the coffee farm, Lunch, Coffee, Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), Tour insurance

5 Reasons to book this private coffee farm tour from Bogota

Private tour: only you and your local host.
Can be tailor 100% to your needs and desires.
Immerse yourself in local culture and gastronomy.
Explore an authentic, working coffee farm beside coffee growers.
Enjoy a coffee tasting.

What we will do during this Coffee farm tour from Bogota:

Private Car – Pick up at your Hotel/bnb inside Bogota

* Please note that in this tour, the car will be available for you the entire tour.

Enjoy a 1.5 hour drive through Bogota’s savannah and countryside! Admire the beautiful landscape.

Meet our hostess, Carlo and his family, owners of the farm and local entrepreneurs!

Get to know the secrets and the story behind the worldwide hit of Colombian coffee! Learn about the variety of plants and the sow process.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to collect the perfect coffee cherries!

Admire the beauty as you walk through different coffee landscapes and discover the diversity of coffee crops.

Take the coffee cherries you just collected and learn how to peel them at the “Beneficiadero”! Then, go into the “Secadero” to see the different coffee qualities and discover how to select the best one.

Learn all about the negotiation process between the farmers and the buyers. See how much you would get paid for your work.

Relax and enjoy a delicious lunch as you enjoy the view!

Are you vegan or vegetarian? No problem! We have options for you.

Welcome to the coffee lovers heaven! Here you will roast at the lab’s roaster and prepare some fresh coffee.

Drop off at your Hotel/bnb in Bogota.

* Please note that in this tour, the car will be available for you the entire tour.

Plans & prices per person

Lower price guaranteed.

All inclusive tour

Your tour will start and end at your hotel/bnb.

1 person


2 people

215 USD

3 people

168 USD

4 people

162 USD

5 people

145 USD

6 people

139 USD

7 people

129 USD

8-15 people

122 USD

For bigger groups please contact us.



September 2022

Aleja was such a great guide for me and my father — y nuestro guardia espalda :) — we enjoyed her company and insights for 5 days total. The coffee farm was by far our favorite, but we also got an awesome lesson on indigenous history at the gold museum, and learned a lot about Bogotá on our walk around La Candelaria. I definitely recommend Zebra Fisgona if you’re a newer traveller, if your Spanish is rusty, or if you are just looking for a tailored experience with very thoughtful personal touches. Aleja also showed me some great vegan restaurants, which I was worried I wouldn’t find in town..and she let me win at Tejo!

Important Information

  • Private coffee farm tour from Bogota 
  • Private guide 
  • Guided tour at the coffee farm
  • Lunch 
  • Coffee 
  • Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver) 
  • Tour insurance

Where we will be

 Would you like to read more about this authentic Coffee farm tour from Bogota?


It is said that Colombia has one of the best coffees in the world but, would you like to know why? Discover it on this coffee tour beside the people responsible for its success, our coffee growers!

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On this Coffee farm tour from Bogota, we will depart from your hotel/bnb in a comfortable car and head to a coffee farm located close to La Vega Town, just 2 hours away from Bogota! Be prepared for nice warm weather and beautiful scenery in the countryside. We will make sure you have a smooth ride. We are open books and will love to take this time to answer all the questions you may have and give you great local advice! 


Follow us into the farm where we will meet Carlo and his family. They are incredible coffee growers and local entrepreneurs! Through coffee, they are helping with local development, as every single part of the coffee production is done in this region, from the cropping to the packaging, creating more job opportunities for the community. And you, by booking this coffee farm tour from Bogota, will also be a part of this amazing chain.


Dive into the coffee farm of almost 6.5 hectares. See from first hand the work that our coffee growers do everyday and be part of it. We will start at the “Semillero”, this is where the seeds become small plants ready to crop! Here you will learn all about the germination process, productive cycle and techniques to have a healthy and productive crop. Follow us deeper into the plantation and discover different types of coffee plants like: Geysha, Caturra, Bourbon, Arabica, Typica and more! Learn about their characteristics, qualities and why we choose some, over the others, to be cropped in this region.


As we explore the farm, Carlo will share with us a lot of practical and insightful information and be ready to answer all the questions that may arise during our Coffee farm tour from Bogota. We will walk through diverse and stunning sceneries within one farm, so you can experience the different microclimates and ways we grow coffee in different regions of Colombia.


Hands-on it is time to pick some coffee!


Yes! You will have the opportunity to hand-pick coffee cherries from the plantation. And yes, this is also how our farmers do it every day and they are ready to share all their techniques and secrets with you!


Continue ourCoffee farm tour from Bogota at the “Beneficiadero” and “Secadero”, two extremely important parts in the coffee process, since this is where most of the selection takes place to make sure only the perfect coffee cherries end in the cup. See the different qualities of coffee and learn how to differentiate them, this will come in handy when you are back home buying coffee! 


Craving a good Colombian coffee?


After a delicious lunch, the fun in this Coffee farm tour from Bogota continues inside the Coffee Lab! Here you will get to prepare the coffee from the farm. Uncover the vast world of flavors and aromas found in a single cup of coffee and learn how to prepare it! We believe there are 3 pillars to achieve the perfect cup of coffee: 1. The process that takes place in the plantation  2. The roasting 3. The preparation. On this Coffee farm tour from Bogota you will experience all three of them in order to achieve your perfect cup of coffee! 


Now is time to depart back to Bogota. We will leave you at your hotel/bnb or point of preference within the city (airport not included).


If you have any special request, let us know, we can always personalize this coffee farm tour from Bogota for you!

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