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Food Tour Bogota

Ultimate Food Tour in Bogota

Ready to taste the real flavors of Bogota? Check all the boxes in your “To Eat List” with this Ultimate Bogota Food Tour at the International area.


We have designed a half day tour full of all the Colombian food we love at the traditional places we locals actually visit (not the tourist trail). Prepare to enjoy over 10 different treats that reflect our culture and heritage. From the street food favorites to breakfast and lunch main dishes! Are you ready to eat your way through Bogota?


During this food you will try: 

Tamal (Wrapped rice dough with meat cooked on a plantain leaf) – Colombian hot chocolate with cheese – Empanada – Arepa – Mango Biche (Green mango with lime & salt) – Coffee – Ajiaco (main soup from Bogota made out with chicken broth and potatoes) – Lechona (pork rice) – Ceviche de Chicharrón (Fried belly pork with lemon juice) – Beer.

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4 hrs
Private Food Tour Bogota
Tuesday to Saturday
Walking Tour
English or Spanish
Food & Culture Tour
Including: Private tour guide, walking food tour, all food on the description and traveler insurance
Tours Option: Meeting Point at Hotel The Spot Bogotá: Cl. 21 #5 - 31

3 Reasons to book this private Food Tour in Bogota:

Hangout with a local expert who will share the best of our city with you.
Discover an upcoming area of the city in the best way: Eating and walking.
Check all the boxes on your Bogota “To Eat List”.

What we will do during this Bogota Food Tour

Check out our suggested itinerary, we can always personalize this plan according to your needs and desires.

Meeting Point – Hotel The Spot: Cl. 21 #5 – 31, Bogotá

Private Car – Pick up at your Hotel/bnb inside Bogotá

Visit a traditional bakery from 1938! Here you will try our traditional tamal (Wrapped rice dough with meat cooked on a plantain leaf) and Colombian hot chocolate with cheese.

After our first course we will walk the famous 7th street. It will be a flat walk for you to enjoy our local lifestyle while making room for more food.

  1. One of the most famous fries in Colombia! We have different approaches to this street food and here you can choose the one (or ones) that speaks more to you: 

– Classic fried empanada made with a thin corn dough and filled with beef and potato.

– Classic baked empanada made with puff pastry and filled with rice and beef or chicken.

– Cassava fried empanada made with a thick cassava dough and filled with rice and beef.

You can only find this one in particular streets of the city. It is chopped green mango with lemon juice, salt, black pepper and some honey.

Not a coffee fan? Don’t worry here you can also fresh up with a frozen passion fruit beverage.

As its name suggests, this is a beautiful street covered up with graffiti art and colorful houses.

You can’t leave Bogota without trying this dish! 

* If you already have tried this dish, we can always change it for a “Cazuela de Mariscos”, the main soup from the caribbean.

This is the place that has become really famous since the Netflix documentary. Over here we will visit the kitchens of the market for you to enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful chaos of more than 10 cooks cooking at the same time.

Arepas are one of the most traditional snacks in our country and here you get to try one of the best ones in the city!

Lose yourself in this neighborhood full of restaurants, coffee shops, libraries and art galleries.

During our walk through La Macarena we will stop to have this unique dish: Stuff pork with rice and beans.


Can you think of a better way to finish a tour than with a cold beer or cold drink? Let’s toast for having the joy of showing you our city while we have our last treat, a ceviche made out with chicharron (fried pork).

– Meeting Point: Finish the experience at one of our favorite bars.

Private Car – Drop off at your Hotel/bnb in Bogota.

Plans & prices per person

Lower price guaranteed.

Meeting point

Your tour will start and end at Chapinero neighborhood.

With Private Car

Your tour will start and end at your hotel/ bnb.

1 person



2 people

113 USD


3 people

105 USD


4 people

89 USD


5 people

89 USD


6 people

85 USD


7 people

85 USD


8-15 people

82 USD


For bigger groups please contact us.


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Important Information

  • Private tour guide.
  • Walking food tour.
  • All food on the description.
  • Travel insurance.

Where we will be

Would you like to read more about this Ultimate Bogota Food Tour?

In addition to eating delicious Colombian treats, you will also be walking around different areas of the city, enabling you to experience different faces of our beloved Bogota! We will visit:

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Macarena neighborhood:

An upcoming neighborhood of the city known for its restaurants, coffee shops and artistic vibes.

La Perseverancia:

A Market that has become famous due to its appearance in the Netflix documentary: Street Food Latin America.

International Area:

One of the business districts of Bogota. Therefore they have amazing street food and coffee shops.

Thinking of your travel needs and desires, on this private tour we created 2 options:

We can pick you up at your hotel/bnb and departure to the market in a comfortable car or
We can meet you at the entrance of the Hotel Spot Bogotá, Cl. 21 #5 – 31, Bogotá

Once you have chosen the one that fits you better, our food tour  awaits you! Get ready to eat your way in Bogota, We will take you to the real places not the touristic ones.

During this private Bogota Food Tour we are here to answer all the questions you may have, give you great local advice of where to go, eat, dance etc. If you have any special request, let us know, we can always personalize this tour for you!

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