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Paloquemao Tour

Paloquemao Market: Fruit Tour & Treats Tasting

Paloquemao fruit market

This private
Paloquemao Tour brings you face to face with the sights, sounds, flavors, textures and aromas of Bogota’s most important Farmers Market, Paloquemao. 


Be dazzled by the diversity of our flowers and take a bite of our culture in this feast of fruits and traditional snacks. At the end of this tasteful journey, you will fall in love with the diversity of our lands, culture and food. During this private and all inclusive tour you will try: One head size avocado, over 11 fruits, some of our traditional breads, a Colombian coffee, among others. Are you ready to have a taste of Colombia at this food paradise? Then prepare your stomach and book this private tour with us!

3 hrs to 5hrs (depending on your tour option)
Private Paloquemao Tour
Monday to Friday
Walking Tour
English or Spanish
Fruit & Food Tour
Including: Private Paloquemao tour, Private guide, +15 fruit tasting, Local breads, Coffee, Empanada, Juice, Tour insurance
Tours Option: Meeting Point at Paloquemao Farmers Market (3 hrs), Private Car (5 hrs) - Starts and ends at your hotel

5 Reasons to book this private Paloquemao Tour:

Private tour: only you and your local host.
Can be tailor 100% to your needs and desires.
Immerse yourself in local culture and gastronomy.
Explore Bogota's most famous market, Paloquemao.
Enjoy sweet treats, drinks and fruits.

What we will do during this Paloquemao Tour

Check out our suggested itinerary, we can always personalize this plan according to your needs and desires.

Meeting Point – Paloquemao Farmers Market

Private Car – Pick up at your Hotel/bnb inside Bogota and drop off at Paloquemao Farmers Market

Start this tasteful tour with a cup of coffee at a specialty coffee shop to get an energy boost!

Be dazzled by the colors and aromas of Colombian flowers, known around the globe for their quality and diversity. (From Tuesday to Sunday)

Fruits everywhere! Explore this fruity paradise and taste more than 15 fruits in this tropical and exotic feast!

Cheese or bread? Put your hands together and you get our local pastries!

Avocado lover? Then this stop is for you! Try the famous head size Colombian avocado. We bet you are never going to see an avocado the same way.

Enjoy a refreshing stop with our favorite fruit juices.

Discover our granny’s remedies and beliefs at their favorite spot in the market.

Discover the secret of our famous empanadas at a flavory hidden gem only locals know.

Meeting Point: Finish the experience at the Farmers Market.

Private Car – Drop off at your Hotel/bnb in Bogota.

Plans & prices per person

Lower price guaranteed.

Meeting point

Your tour will start and end at Paloquemao Market

With Private Car

Your tour will start and end at your hotel/bnb.

1 person



2 people

75 USD

112 USD

3 people

69 USD

99 USD

4 people

59 USD

90 USD

5 people

59 USD

85 USD

6 people

59 USD

82 USD

7 people

59 USD

82 USD

8-15 people

55 USD

79 USD

For bigger groups please contact us.


Danielle B,

November 2021

Amazing tour!

Alejandra was AMAZING and the best Bogota tour guide! We got to taste over 15 fruits and had the

best coffee and empanadas! Definitely the highlight of our time in Bogota, 10/10 recommend this tour.

Important Information

Always included:

  • Private Paloquemao tour
  • Private guide 
  • Guided market tour 
  • +15 fruit tasting 
  • Juice tasting 
  • Local breads 
  • Tour insurance

Where we will be

Would you like to read more about this private Paloquemao tour?

Fall in love with Colombian fruits in this Private Paloquemao Tour!  This tasteful journey at Bogota’s most important farmers market, will immerse you into the richness of our land, as Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world! From exotic fruits, to delicious empanadas, freshly made juices, colorful flowers, ancestral remedies and more surprises, you are in for a special treat in this Paloquemao tour!

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Thinking of your travel needs and desires, on this private tour we created 2 options: 


We can pick you up at your hotel/bnb and departure to the market in a comfortable car or

We can meet you at the entrance #2 of the shopping mall Calima, located one block away from the market.


Once you have chosen the one that fits you better, Paloquemao awaits you! Get ready to dive into the market, it is the real deal; messy and picturesque all at the same time. We will start by the flower aisle, a true hidden gem ! As soon as we walk in, you will be transported by the aroma of thousands of flowers. Be dazzled by the colors and forms of regular and exotic flowers at the first stop of this Paloquemao tour.(From Tuesday to Sunday)


Leave the flowers behind and enter into the labyrinth aisles, you will be enchanted by the colorful stalls and the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables carefully arranged by the vendors, this is a true paradise for local chefs and amateur cooks. We are ready to fill you up with juicy stories, fun facts and personal anecdotes. Also, at this Paloquemao Tour, we will uncover all our local secrets and advice to properly select and eat like a local.


Craving some fruits? It’s time to try them all! 


As we walk through the passages, we will teach you how to handpick the fruits that are perfect to eat! As we discover new fruits, we will play fun sensorial dynamics that will allow you to experience our fruits in a unique way, making this Paloquemao tour a great option for family and kids.


Enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the market as we show you local products, crafts, herbs used for ancestral remedies and delicious food. Follow us, deeper into the market as you discover even more exciting parts like the stalls of head-sized avocados, Asian vegetables and Mexican chillies! You might be thinking “that is a lot of international goods”, well they are and they all grew here! 


Want to try true Colombian empanadas and freshly made juices?


We got you covered, follow us into two hidden stores, where we will try freshly made juices of exotic fruits and empanadas. By the way, we have a saying in Colombia “Empanada without a good sauce is not an empanada”, so get ready for a delicious treat: empanadas with special sauces made with diverse local ingredients like: Coffee, uchuva and more! 


By the end of this private Paloquemao tour, you will be on a full stomach and a happy heart. Finally, depending on the tour option you chose we will end the tour:


Meeting point: we will end the tour at Paloquemao Farmers Market.

Private car: we will take you back to your hotel/bnb.


During this private Paloquemao tour we are here to answer all the questions you may have, give you great local advice of where to go, eat, dance etc. If you have any special request, let us know, we can always personalize this tour for you!

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