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Chingaza National Park

Chingaza National Park: Hiking from Bogota

Fresh air, indigenous mysteries and breathtaking landscapes at the Andes Mountains Range! 

Welcome to Chingaza National Park, a place to forget about the city and reconnect with nature as you explore the natural wonders of this unique ecosystem found in only 5 countries! Join us on this private tour to Chingaza, our favorite natural spot, near Bogota. We want you to be able to enjoy Chingaza National Park no matter your hiking expertise. Therefore, we offer different trails for you to choose the one that matches your skills. So relax and enjoy, we will take care of every detail for you to have an unforgettable experience!

10 hours
Private Chingaza National Park Tour
Monday to Sunday
Surroundings Tour from Bogota
English or Spanish
Nature & Adventure Tour
Including: Private Chingaza National Park Tour, Private Guide & Natural Interpreter, Entrance fee to the National Park, Customize your tour and choose your trail, Typical countryside breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), Tour insurance
Tours Option: * Choose between different trail options with different sceneries and physical requirements. We want you to be able to enjoy Chingaza National Park no matter your hiking expertise.

4 Reasons to book this private Chingaza National Park tour:

Private tour: only you and your local hosts.
Can be tailor to your hiking expertise.
Hike at a unique ecosystem found in only 5 countries.
With your visit you will support the local development and the protection and conservation of this natural area.

What we will do during this private Chingaza National Park Tour

Check out our suggested itinerary, we can always personalize this plan according to your needs and desires.

Private Car – Pick up at your Hotel/bnb inside Bogota

Go up the Andes Mountain Range that surrounds Bogota and admire a unique panoramic view!

Enjoy a typical countryside breakfast at La Calera town, known for their delicious arepas!

Take a look of an abandoned town in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range and discover the stories behind this hidden gem.

Enter 1 of the 58 protected natural areas in the country and get prepared for a day full of adventure!

Get ready to start the trail you chose depending on your physical capacity and hiking expertise. 


We have pre-selected two trails for you to choose from depending on your physical capacity. No matter the one you choose, in both of them you are going to appreciate awesome landscapes, unique flora and fauna and beautiful lagoons!

Enjoy a burrito full of energetic ingredients for you to recover from the hike!

Are you vegan or vegetarian? No problem! We also have a great option for you.

Finish your trail and get a reward to never forget this magical day at Chingaza.


End of this private Chingaza National Park Tour

Private Car – Drop off at your Hotel/bnb in Bogota.

Plans & prices per person

Lower price guaranteed.

All inclusive tour

Your tour will start and end at your hotel/bnb.

1 person


2 people

429 USD

3 people

315 USD

4 people

259 USD

5 people

219 USD

6 people

219 USD

7 people

199 USD

8-15 people

181 USD

For bigger groups please contact us.



December 2019

We would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to spend a day exploring a serene and sacred spot in the Andes mountains, while learning about a precious ecosystem and pre-Colombian indigenous culture. Alejandra is an outstanding guide – friendly, informative, and clearly passionate about her work – and she partnered very well with Andres, our nature interpreter…


We very much appreciated Alejandra’s focus on conservation, sustainability, and support of local businesses. We would definitely tour with Zebra Fisgona again, and will recommend them to our friends who travel to Colombia.

Important Information

  • Private Chingaza National Park Tour 
  • Private Guide & Natural Interpreter 
  • Entrance fee to the National Park 
  • Customize your tour and choose your trail 
  • Typical countryside breakfast 
  • Lunch 
  • Snacks 
  • Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver) 
  • Tour insurance

Where we will be

Would you like to read more about this private Chingaza National Park  tour?

No tour description can prepare you for the awesome sights of this private Chingaza National Park  tour. Get ready for a day full of adventure into the wildness of the Andes Mountain Range. The best part, we will take care of everything, so you can sit back and enjoy!

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We will depart from your hotel/bnb in a comfortable car and head to La Calera Town. There, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast, prepared by Vivi and her mom, local entrepreneurs and owners of a small stall in a traditional market. This will give you the energy boost needed for the hiking at our  Chingaza National Park  tour. Then, meet our local ambiental interpreter, who will be with us the whole time to share everything about the region, ecosystem, tradition and history of this magical place. All the interpreters we work with, are people from La Calera who found in tourism a sustainable way of living as well as a way to protect the natural resources of the region. 


Continue this epic journey into the mysterious “haunted town”. A forgotten place, built by a cement company located at the border of the National Park. Listen to the story and local myths behind these old buildings. Learn about the negative impact generated by mining and how National Parks of Colombia, the community and you with your visit, are helping the region to recover from it. 


Enter the National Park of Chingaza and get ready for the hike. Before we start the hiking, we will give you some local snacks that have been carefully chosen to give you boosts of energy to enjoy this private  Chingaza National Park tour. We have two main trail options for you to choose from, However, they may vary  according to availability. All of them are extremely beautiful, the main difference is  the physical requirements.


Knowing the physical capacity and altitude resistance of you and your group, which trail would you like to do?


Cuchillas de Siecha & Lagunas de Buitrago

Why should you choose this trail? This trail is the most demanding in terms of physical resistance. However, all the effort will be rewarded with magnificent views of Chingaza National Park, it is actually our favorite hike. You will hike up and down different hills as you cross muddy paths at the heart of the paramo until you arrive at the Muiscas sacred lagoons located at the top of a mountain. Once there, you will enjoy a delicious lunch with a view you will never forget! After lunch go down hill until you reach 2 more beautiful lagoons surrounded by frailejones, an endemic species of this ecosystem, and take the last trail to go back to the car.


Lagunas de Buitrago and Mina Palacio

Why should you choose this trail?  This trail is less demanding, as you will be walking through old car trails. Nonetheless, you will enjoy marvelous sights at all times! You will reach a viewpoint of 2 important lagoons of the Muiscas and then descend to where they are located, where you will have a delicious lunch as you enjoy the beautiful landscape before you.  After this trail, jump back in the car and go to Mina Palacio, an area that was used for mining and that is recovering from it. By the way, this is where the movie “MONOS” was filmed, it is an otherworldly landscape!


Overall, Chingaza was a very important place for our ancestral indigenous community, the Muiscas. From beginning to end of this private Chingaza National Park tour you will enjoy magnificent views with great storytelling on the way. We will share with you how the Muiscas used native plants for different day to day activities or traditional remedies. Learn why the lagoons were sacred and which rituals took place in this land and more! 


Feeling hungry?


You are in for a special treat. We worked with a local chef to create yummy burritos, wrapped in plantain leaves in order to reduce the use of plastic, with ingredients that will give you a lot of energy and help you recover from the hike at this Chingaza National Park tour. We will enjoy an outdoor lunch with a privileged view!

* Are you vegan or vegetarian? No problem! We also have a great option for you. 


After this awesome private Chingaza National Park tour, we will head back to your hotel/bnb. We will be happy to give you great local recommendations on what to do next! 

During this private Chingaza National Park tour, we are here to answer all the questions you may have, give you great local advice of where to go, eat, dance etc. If you have any special request, let us know, we can always personalize this tour for you!

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