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Top Ten Things to Do in Bogota​

Welcome to Bogota Colombia top 10 things to do,​

this vibrant capital offers a great variety of activities for all types of travelers

Discover our city with us and discover the must-see places in Bogota and make your visit an unforgettable trip.

1. Historical Candelaria Tour

On this private tour we will share the most incredible stories about the history, culture and current situation of Colombia, as we walk through the main landmarks and colorful streets in our historical district. La Candelaria is one of the most touristic places in Bogota, therefore we put our own spin on it! We will take you to our favorite local hidden gems and share with you some personal anecdotes. Of course we will also give you great local advice to make your stay more comfortable.

Including: Private guide, Guided urban tour, Tour insurance, Coffee

¡Explore La Candelaria through the eyes of locals!

2. Paloquemao Market:
¡The sweetest market in the world!

This vibrant market is a feast for the eyes (and obviously for your stomach). It brings together all the diversity of Colombia in one place! Come and explore with us the true flavors of Colombia through a variety of exotic and wild fruits, local delicacies and traditional drinks. Get immersed in an authentic Colombian market as you share with the local vendors. Leave with a full stomach and a happy heart! .

Including: Private Paloquemao tour, Private guide, +20 fruit tasting, Local breads, Coffee, Empanada, Juice, Tour insurance

¡Prepare yourself for the sensory delights of Paloquemao!

salt cathedral tour

3. Express Zipaquirá Salt Mine Tour

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is an underground wonder that will take your breath away! As we dive into this temple we will share with you the magical stories surrounding its creation, its story, curious facts and much more! The Salt Cathedral is not-to-be missed during your visit to Bogota.

Including: Private Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour, Private guide, Entrance ticket without lines, Lunch (Depending on your option), Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), Tour insurance.

¡Get ready to be amazed by the architectural masterpiece of Zipaquira Salt Mine!

4. Bogota Coffee Tour

Leave noisy Bogota and discover one of our favorites hidden gems: an authentic coffee farm near Bogota! Enjoy the fresh air, warm weather and beautiful landscape. We will get our hands dirty as we learn about the process of making that delicious and famous cup of Colombian coffee. From bean to cup this tour unveils the secrets behind this magical beverage, all beside the true experts: our coffee growers!

Including: Private coffee farm tour from Bogota, Private guide, Guided tour at the coffee farm, Lunch, Coffee, Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), Tour insurance.

Want to have an authentic coffee farm experience?

5. Mount Monserrate Bogota Tour

Monserrate is your starting point for this epic Bogotá adventure, fasten your seatbelt, the real journey has just begun! After taking in the astonishing views of the city from Monserrate, we will take continuet o the heart of Bogota: La Candelaria. Get ready to enter our historic district as we explore iconic landmarks such as the legendary Chorro de Quevedo and the impressive Plaza de Bolivar. This tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Gold Museum, protector of the largest collection of pre hispanic figures.

Including: Private city tour Bogota, Private guide, Guided urban and museums tour, Entrance fee to all attractions, Open manu lunch (Appetizer, main dish, soft drink or beer), Private car, Tour insurance.

Wondering what to do in Bogota? We got you!

Mount Monserrate bogota tour

6. Chicaque Natural Park Tour

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and say hello to the very best of Colombian paradise. This private excursion to Chicaque Natural Park, just 2 hours from Bogota, is your chance to reconnect with nature. Hike through a stunning cloud forest, or choose an alternative trail This private tour is designed for out-of-towners, and offers an opportunity to experience the beauty of Colombia's natural wonders.

Including: Private guide & natural interpreter, Guided tour at Chicaque Natural Park, Entrance fee, Snacks, Typical countryside lunch, Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), Tour insurance
Tour Option: Would you like to have an ornithologist with us during this adventure to Chicaque Natural Park? We can make it happen, just let us know upon booking

Lush forests, century-old oak trees and refreshing waterfalls.... My God! . Don't miss out

7. Things to Do in Chapinero, Local Lifestyle

Immerse yourself in Bogotá's coolest neighborhood, Chapinero, with this private walking tour. This anti-tour was especially designed for those who hate scripted tours - this is your chance for a totally immersive, out-of-the-box experience designed to show you the real "rolo" (Bogotá local) lifestyle. We'll explore Chapinero's hidden gems, the places where the locals really hang out, and introduce you to the vibrant energy of the neighborhood through trendy restaurants, chic boutiques, an amazing coffee shop, a local brewery, and even some incredible designer stores.

Including: Private tour with a private guide, Food and beverages: Exotic fruit ice cream, coffee, local pastries and beer, Tour insurance.

This is your chance to experience Chapinero like a real bogotano, so what are you waiting for?

8. Food Tour Bogota

A great way to discover the true essence of a city is through its food. Get ready to check everything on your “to eat list” during this Ultimate Bogota Food Tour. Forget the fancy restaurants, this tour focuses on the authentic food that Bogotanos love. Get ready to savor more than 10 delicious treats, from street food classics to signature breakfast and lunch dishes, a mix that reflects Colombian culture and heritage. Think tamales wrapped in banana leaves, steaming Colombian hot chocolate with cheese, crispy empanadas, fluffy arepas, spicy mango biche, rich ajiaco soup, lechona,refreshing chicharrón ceviche and much more!

Including: Private tour guide, walking food tour, all food on the description and tour insurance

Are you ready to eat your way through Bogota??

9. La Chorrera Waterfal

Leave Bogota l behind and reach the magnificent Chorrera Natural Park, home to the highest waterfall in Colombia. During this 7km hike through forest and countryside landscapes you will not only see the impressive Chorrera waterfall, but also the ChiflĂłn waterfall. Feel the rush of the spray on your face as you hike the hidden trail behind the Chiflon.This private experience is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for adventure and a refreshing dip away from the heat of the city.

Including: Private guide, entrance fee, snacks, traditional countryside lunch, private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), tour insurance.

Ready to chase waterfalls?

10. Chingaza National Park

Breathtaking landscapes await for you in Chingaza National Park.

Chingaza National Park is one of the most important preservation areas close to Bogota, in it you find Andean Forest and Paramo ecosystem. Paramos are found in only 5 countries in the world, and offer unique scenes and natural trails. Forget the city and reconnect with nature on this private tour to Chingaza, our favorite natural park near the capital. No matter your hiking experience, we've got a trail for you!

Including: Private Chingaza National Park Tour, Private Guide & Natural Interpreter, Entrance fee to the National Park, Customize your tour and choose your trail, Typical countryside breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Private transportation from Bogota (car and driver), Tour insurance.
Tours Option: Choose between different trail options with different sceneries and physical requirements. We want you to be able to enjoy Chingaza National Park no matter your hiking expertise.

Ready for a unique natural adventure? Chingaza National Park awaits!

Zebrafisgona Tours.

¡Make your trip to Bogota unforgettable!

Besides being the capital of Colombia, it is known for its rich history, cultural and gastronomic offer.

Monserrate and La Candelaria.

2 days in Bogota would be enough to cover the musts in the city. However Bogota has much more to offer so we encourage you to stay at least 3 to 4 days.

Yes, 5 days in Bogota will allow you to truly experience this vibrant city, explore the musts alongside with hidden gems and even enjoy natural scapes